Will I Tell Them About Jesus?

     It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that Christianity does not matter. This is true for those that have not embraced Jesus. It is also true, unfortunately, for many that profess to follow Jesus. We encounter people every day that are not satisfied with life. Yet, what is sad is that there are too few that are willing to point the way to genuine satisfaction found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

     I had a conversation yesterday with someone that reminded me of the difference Christ has made in my life. I was reminded of all the dead end paths that I followed attempting to obtain meaning and significance in life. I am thankful for that one college classmate who took the risk to share Jesus with me. It changed my life and continues to change my life. What is sad, is I thought through all the professed followers of Jesus that had crossed my paths over the years and not one had shared Jesus with me!

     We are doing a fun series over the next couple weeks. We are calling it “How I Share the Gospel” based on the Romans Road (a collection of verses from Romans used to share the message of Jesus with others.) I twisted the arms of Pastors Berney and Zac to take a turn at preaching the same message. Our desire is to encourage our congregation to take advantage of those opportunities that God brings into our lives.

     I have been reminded of the vital role that you and I share in helping others to find Jesus. Paul writes, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17) Sometime we need to be reminded of the obvious. We may be robbing others of hearing the gospel if we do not share it with them. I know that it is easy to think that someone else will do it… Unfortunately, the other person is thinking the same thing so the life changing message of Jesus does not get passed on to others.

    I am thinking of a conversation that I have had with a fellow believer. They shared how after sharing the gospel with a person close to them, they were thanked for caring enough to share. What was sad is that this person then shared how several Christians close to this person had never taken the time to ask about their eternal destiny. Let me encourage you to let that sink in for a moment.

     I never cease to be amazed at how God works all the time. Last year when I was in Salem for my daughter’s soccer game I stopped to get gas. Now, if you no anything about Oregon, they pump the gas for you. Now, I am not a fan of this requirement but it did open the door to share Jesus with the attendant that day. I got out of my truck and we began to make small conversation. One thing led to another and he opened up that he was struggling with his parents’ recent divorce. So I shared the message of Jesus with Him. It was then that I learned that he had drifted away from the Lord and his church. I was able to pray for this man before I left, next to the gas pump! I was able to encourage him to reconnect with the Youth Pastor that meant so much to him. I am not sure how things worked out but I know that God was working that evening. I could have gotten gas and rushed off without touching a hurting soul.

     Believe it or not, one of the reasons why you are here, that is living on earth, is to share Jesus with others that He brings into your life. The two part challenge is: 1. Am I prepared to share? Do I know a couple verses like the Romans Road that I can use to share the message of Jesus with others? 2. Will I let God use me?

 -Pastor Joe Parkinson

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