Rearview Mirror 8-5-2021

  • One of the great blessings in my life is to be the beneficiary of other more godly individuals in my life. I am indebted to those that have invested in my life. I am also thankful that the Lord gave me the grace to put myself under those individuals. My life and ministry has been deeply impacted for the better. The enemy will always give us an excuse. I hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities in your life.  
  • This past Sunday, we promoted sending items to help support the College ministry of Mary Amesbury. Let me encourage you to participate in this special project by sending a care package with items to be given away at her upcoming student events. Please refer to the bulletin insert for specifics!
  • I am excited to have Pastor Mark Suko and his wife Nancy with us this next Sunday. Pastor Mark and Nancy have been mentors to both Caryl and myself. We have learned from their words of instruction but also by what they modeled. It is a great privilege to have them with us this Sunday as we continue our study on Authentic Ministry.
  • Looking ahead, be sure to put September 12 on your calendar. We will be celebrating 20 years of the Lord’s faithfulness to our church. We are busy working through plans for this special day. Be sure to put it on your calendar as we launch the 2021-2022 year of ministry as well!
  • It is exciting to see our different ministries gear up for this fall. Our Ladies Ministry will be kicking off on Saturday September 25. Ladies, let me encourage you to put this event on your calendar as we wrap up Summer and move into Fall.
  • We are looking for an individual to update our “Prayer List” spreadsheet that we distribute each week. We are in need of someone to verify and update our government officials on the list. If you could help us with this please reach out to Nina or Pastor Joe.  
  • Several people have expressed interest in a Couples Bible Study. The plan is to start in late September. Please let Pastor Joe know if you are interested.
  • We have two Men’s groups that are meeting. Pastor Berney leads a Thursday Evening group 7:00 pm at the church studying the Minor Prophets. Pastor Joe’s Thursday Men’s Group meets at 10AM Thursday mornings in the Admin Building.
  • Pastor Zac has some great Six8 Youth Ministry events happening this summer. The Jr & Sr Groups are meeting together for these events. Please check the bulletin for the summer schedule or contact Pastor Zac.
  • Our August Monthly Memory Verse will be 2 Corinthians 9:6. Paul reminds us that our investment for Jesus will produce a harvest. “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” 2 Corinthians 9:6 ESV   I strongly encourage you to develop a system for memorizing Scripture. It could be using 3×5 cards or even an app. Let me encourage you to check out the Bible Memory App. (IOS and Android)
  • This week Pastor Mark Suko, Discovery Baptist, Gig Harbor, will be bringing our challenge from 2 Corinthians 8 in our “Authentic Ministry” series. I am excited to have my mentor, friend and fellow Pastor join us this Sunday. The Lord is working in His Church in these difficult days. Thanks for your prayers for the ministry. The Lord is changing lives because of your prayers. Thank You!

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