Rearview Mirror 8-20-2020

  • I am looking forward to meeting as a congregation face to face. We are working hard to get to that point. We keeping making steps forward each week! Let me encourage you to make sure that you are a part of the the Realm as we will be making some internal church related announcements. Please contact Pastor Joe for help.
  • I wanted to give an update on the Sunday streaming situation. The Living Hope Facebook group continues to be are primary (and only live streaming venue). We are having challenges with streaming to TV’s using streaming devices like Roku, etc. Several of the Vimeo apps do not support “Live Streaming” but can be used to watch past videos. Right now it looks like Vimeo will stream over a personal device like your phone, a computer or a TV with a web browser.  Let me encourage you to check out our new Vimeo stream this Sunday 10AM at We have moved to Vimeo primarily because it gives us complete control over our content. We will be posting more information as we work things out.  We will continue the Facebook Live stream to our Facebook group.
  • The great news is that we have now received approval for both permits for Office Building ramp and the Worship building. Keep praying for our site development. We are looking forward to holding services on site once we obtain our occupancy permit. We could really use help with the site, if you have some time, please reach out to Pastor joe.
  • Gals involved in the Ladies Discipleship group will next be meeting Saturday September 12, 10am – Noon @ Nina’s home. Please contact Caryl Parkinson for specifics.
  • Also for the Ladies is a reminder of the Bridal Shower for Sarah Parkinson on Saturday September 19, 10-Noon at the Parkinson’s. A light brunch will be served. Please RSVP to Caryl by September 5 is appreciated.
  • Pastor Joe’s 7 PM Wednesday Night Study is taking a Summer Break to resume in September.
  • Just a reminder that Six8 is now meeting each week at the Schramek’s. There is a general “Hangout” on Tuesdays for all Jr & Sr High. The Sr. high group is meeting on Friday evenings. The Jr High group meets on Sunday evenings. Please contact Pastor Zac for specifics. A carpool is being provided from the church property for the Sunday Jr. High group. 
  • Our August Monthly Memory Verse is “But Jesus answered them, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” John 5:17 ESV  It is a reminder that during these uncertain times that God is always working! If you struggle with memorizing or even consistency, let me encourage you to check out the Bible Memory App. (IOS and Android)
  • Thank you for your prayers for the message each week. Please continue to pray as we work through 1 Kings our Celebrate Summer Series “Lesson for the Journey.” Hope you are able to join us for the livestream. Also be sure to share a comment. Thank you for your prayers!

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