Rearview Mirror 8-11-2017

  • I hope that you have been able to stay cool. It has been amazing to me how much smoke has impacted Washington State from the fires in Canada.
  • I want to say thanks to everyone that helped with church ministries this past weekend. Thanks to Pastor Berney for bringing the Word from Romans this past Sunday. It was good for me to get some extended down time in Eastern Washington. We were able to enjoy the sun and some time on the Columbia river. The highlight was to be able to spend time with almost all of our adult children as they came and went during that time. The older I get the more I value time spent with the people that I love. I hope that you have had a chance or have plans to squeeze in some family time this summer.
  • Please keep praying for someone that can “Sign” in the service. We would like to offer this. We have been unable to locate someone that could help. Please let Pastor Joe know if you have any ideas.
  • Our August MMV is “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) I hope you are encouraged and strengthened as you commit this verse to memory. Also let me encourage those of you with smart phones or tablets to check out the ScriptureTyper App. (IOS and Android)
  • I have two campsites available for this year’s Family Camp at Lake Cushman over the weekend of August 25-27. I will be cancelling any unused sites this Monday. I am hoping that there is one or two more families so that I do not have to turn this site back in. Please let Pastor Joe know.
  • I would appreciate your prayers for me as I focus my attention on Romans 10 for this week’s message. The sermon title is “A Heart for My World” as we are reminded that God’s purpose for us is to be bringers of the message of Jesus to those around us. I appreciate your prayers for me as I study and prepare for this weekend on a short week.

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