Rearview Mirror 8-11-2016

  • Church planting is hard work. One of the great blessings is the wonderful people that God brings along in our service for Him. It was great to have a brief opportunity to spend time with Pastor Matt, Marie and their children this week. I so miss them and am blessed in how the Lord is using them. I rejoice in the crucial role they played in helping Living Hope be the church it is today. These kinds of times make me thirst a little more for the fellowship that we will enjoy in heaven!
  • I spoke with Anna this morning. She is back in the states and will be back in Port Orchard by the time you receive this newsletter. Unfortunately, she will not be able to be with us this Sunday. She needs to be back for the start of the Cross Country season. She will however be putting together a video that we will be showing this Sunday AM. Thanks again to all those that have been a part in giving and prayer. You can check out the team blog here.
  • I just want to give Cudo’s to Pastor Zac and Carol. It is incredible to see the ministry that they have with our students and with others. Let me encourage you to pray for them as they work with the youth and others.
  • I am excited for the Baptismal service scheduled Sunday August 21 during the AM service. If you are interested in Baptism or have questions please contact Pastor Joe.
  • I hope that the Dramatic Monologues have been as big of a blessing to you as they have been to me. The Lord has been showing me things about myself as I prepare to present these Biblical accounts in a practical way. This week we will have another Dramatic Monologue as we continue our study of 1 Samuel based on chapters 22-24. Thanks for your prayers that empower the message each week in our series “Discovering Greatness.”

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