Rearview Mirror 7-28-2016

  • Wow, what a great soccer camp we had this year. I think that it has been one our best camps in the last several years. I want to say Thank You to everyone that helped with camp. This past week I was able to get all the equipment organized and put away. A big thanks to Zac S for his help!
  • I know Anna will appreciates your prayers as she takes off early tomorrow morning for her journey to Boliva. Remember to pray for her and the team as they use their engineering skills to minister to the people. You can follower the team blog here.
  • I am excited to announce that we are planning a Baptismal service Sunday August 21 during the AM service. If you are interested in Baptism or have questions please contact Pastor Joe.
  • This week we will have another Dramatic Monologue as we continue our study of 1 Samuel as we get a peak at the anointing of Israel’s next King. I appreciate your prayers as I prepare for this next sermon in the series “Discovering Greatness.”

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