Rearview Mirror 3-17-2016

  • Just a reminder that Easter is just around the corner. Those that study our culture tell us that Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year for Church attendance. This year we will be launching our next outreach campaign, “I Love My Church.” I would encourage you to take the time to invite your friends, neighbors and family to the service. We do a number of special things on Easter. We have an Easter Brunch at 9:15 AM before the service. We also have an Egg Hunt for the children after the service. We also have a couple of other surprises planned!
  • This Sunday we will be receiving our “Laying the Foundation for the Future” offering. It will be the last message in our “My Eternity Portfolio” series. We will be receiving your commitment cards and one-time gifts for the campaign. Please join me in praying for what the Lord will do through us this weekend.
  • Please be in prayer for the “I Love My Church” mailer. We are planning to drop it in the mail this coming Monday. Pray that the Lord would use it to allow us to connect with those in our community in whose lives He is working.
  • We are providing “I Love My Church” T-shirts. Please complete one of the inserts in this Sundays bulletin to help us plan for the number and sizes needed. We are asking for a donation of $5 per shirt and encouraging families to donate to help defray that cost of the shirts for our guests.
  • Thinking of Easter, we are currently collecting candy or donations for the kids Egg Hunt. If you desire to help, please bring your donation on Sunday or mark your financial gift and place in the offering.
  • I have been talking to others about Baptism. We are preparing to do another Baptism in a couple weeks. Please talk to Pastor Joe if you are interested.
  • The Six-8 Youth will be meeting at the Schramek’s this Friday evening for Bible Study. Please contact Zac or Pastor Joe for directions. We will be meeting at 7pm. Let Pastor Joe know if you need a ride.
  • The Ladies will be meeting for a Bridal Shower for my daughter, Emylee Parkinson. It will be held at the Ministry Center, this Saturday, March 19 at 1pm.
  • Guys, just a reminder that the Camp Gilead Men’s Retreat is just around the corner. I am hoping that you will attend and I am trying to take our biggest group this year. Please let either Tony S. or Pastor Joe know if you will be attending. It promises to be a great retreat!
  • This will be the last message in our in-house series on “My Eternity Portfolio.”  I hope that you have been as challenged and blessed as I have been in my studies for these sermons. This we will be looking at the need to ask the right questions and the importance of having a plan. We will have a special video related to our ministry and to promote our “Laying the Foundation for the Future” stewardship emphasis. I do covet your prayers for wisdom and words as we move through this exciting phase of ministry!

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