Rearview Mirror 12-28-2017

  • I want to say thank you to the Living Hope congregation for the special gifts given to our family. We are touched by your love and generosity. Thank You.
  • I hope that you have had time to connect with family over the holiday. I do want to say Thanks to everyone that helpED make the holiday activities so special. It took an army of people and I really appreciate your ministry for the Lord by serving others.
  • Remember to pray for our students and leaders (Pastor Zac and Carol and Pastor Berney) as they participate in the Teen Leadership Conference.  The Youth departed from the Ministry Center December 27 @ 6 AM and will be returning December 29th @ 8pm. Please remember to pray for God to work in lives and safety as they travel back.
  • The fun is not over. We are planning a New Year’s Eve Potluck and Game Night at the Ministry Center this Sunday. This is your opportunity to hangout and connect with others while having a great time!
  • I am really excited about our new sermon series on Ecclesiastes that will be starting in January!
  • This week we will kick off the New Year with a special challenge. I hope that you will join us as we celebrate the past year of God’s faithfulness and push ahead into the next twelve months serving Him. Our sermon title is “God’s Bucket List for My Life.” We will explore from the Scriptures a few things that God would desire to add to our bucket lists. Thanks so much in praying for me as I prepare for this special service where we celebrate God’s faithfulness and become intentional about the next year!


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