Rearview Mirror 10-13-2016

  • The weather forecast is predicting storms for this weekend. This is a good time for me to remind you that we will be primarily communicating any weather related changes for services through the “City,” the church website, and facebook. Also if a storm should arise and you face a situation or need please contact me (Pastor Joe).
  • I am continually reminded in this current election year how much our culture needs the message of Jesus. I hope that you will pray for our country but also take advantage of opportunities to share Jesus with those around you.
  • I am excited for our Fall Ministry Fair which will be this Sunday October 16th following the AM Service. It is an opportunity to check out the different ministries and get plugged in.
  • We are planning a 101 Discovering Church Membership CLASS for those interested in learning more about Living Hope. The class will be Saturday October 29th 9am-3pm, lunch will be provided. Please contact Pastor Joe with any questions.
  • Pastor Joe and Caryl are inviting you to an open house reception for newlyweds Joe and Jess. You are invited to join us at the Ministry Center on Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm Sunday October 23rd. Guests are asked to bring a food pantry item to help them stock their pantry.
  • This is a great time to get plugged into a small group. It is a great way to connect with others and build relationships. There are a number of different studies being planned. Be sure to respond to the insert this week.
  • This week I will be looking at the second most important relationship in your life next to Jesus, which is with your spouse (for those that are married.) This week’s message is “Two Better Halves Make a Whole.” I have heard, in a negative context how “It takes two to tango.” But it is also true that when a couple is growing in Christ together life becomes a beautiful dance! I hope that you will pray that God would speak to my heart this week as I study and prepare for this message.

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