Rearview Mirror 1-4-2018

Happy New Year! It is exciting to think that we have 361 days ahead of us to become more like Jesus and to touch the lives of others! So what are your spiritual goals for the next 12 months? I challenge you to adopt at least one.

I want to say thanks to Pastor Zac for the work on the New Year’s Eve game event. We had a great group representing all ages and a great time. It is sad to think that that event may be one of our last big events at the Ministry Center! Yes, the sale of the MC was official on Monday morning when it was recorded. We will be renting back a portion of the M.C. until the end of February. We are working on the best next step. You prayers are appreciated.

I want to give a shout out to the Lopez family (especially Carrie for coordinating) and to Tyna H and maybe some others that helped to pack the kitchen. We will start moving stuff to storage. If you are available to help please give Pastor Joe a call.

Calling all guys. This is short notice, but we need to move some stuff from the Ministry Center. The tentative plan is to do it this Saturday from 9am-11am. I am hoping to use pickup trucks but we will also be able to use the church trailer. Let me, Pastor Joe, know if you are available to help.

Our next 101 Membership Class is coming up fast. It is scheduled for Saturday, January 12, from 9am – 3 pm at the Ministry Center. Lunch will be provided.

Gals, the next Ladies Discipleship Group will be Saturday January 12, 10am-Noon at Amy Ferguson’s house.

Thanks for praying for our youth. I understand that they had a great time at camp last week. I give a big shout out to Pastor Zac and Carol for all their work and for Pastor Berney too. They are planning to show a short video this Sunday.

Can I twist your arm to memorize a few Bible verses in 2019? Our January MMV will be the next verse in Psalm 23, verse 4. It is a reminder that the Lord has our backs and is working to keep us on track. We are also reminded that our lives are a testimony before others to Him. “He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:4)  If you are needing some accountability with working on your verse please check out the ScriptureTyper App. (IOS and Android)

We will be kicking off a new series in two weeks on Salvation. It will be a study looking at what happens when a person surrenders their life to Jesus. This week I will be bringing a special challenge focus on 2019. It will be a time when we revisit why Living Hope exists and highlights some big things coming in the months ahead. I do appreciate your prayers for me as I spin a number of plates. Pray that God would speak into my life as I prepare for the message on Sunday.

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