Do I Really Want It?

    I want you to think about how you respond when you want something. I would imagine that you take action to acquire what is desired. We recently needed to replace some living room furniture. We spent time checking out online sources and local stores until we found the solution. I would imagine that this also illustrates your response when attempting to acquire something. God’s Word reminds us to apply that same energy in our relationship with Him.

     There is something alluring to finding something of value. I enjoy watching documentaries of treasure seekers. It amazing the extents to which they will go to obtain something of great value. The level of their sacrifice correlates to the value of the treasure. They will go to personal, financial, emotional and relational extremes in the pursuit of what is of value to them. Solomon uses this drive to encourage his son, and us, to make the same investment in on our relationship with the Lord. “if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” (Proverbs 2:4–5)   Solomon uses eight verbs (receive and treasure,  attentive and inclining, call out and raise, seek and search) in verses 1-4 to describe the individual investment required. The treasure being sought is a relationship with our Creator.

     Let’s revisit the extents to which we will go to obtain something that we desire. Our furniture search required an investment of time searching the expanses of the internet for the right stuff. We were also motivated to travel geographically to both to Silverdale and Tacoma visiting a number of brick and mortar locations before making a purchase. Let us then not forget the financial cost involved in the furniture purchase. My point is, we invest to obtain what we really want. It could be furniture, or it could be a vacation, a car, or whatever. But am I willing to make the same level of investment in knowing and growing the Lord?

     Do you know what the acronym NSTAAFL means? There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch! We know that while salvation is a “free gift” paid for through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, our spiritual development require our investment. The challenge is we have to “really want it.” If we do not want it, we are less likely to make the investment of time and energy that is required to develop the spiritual habits.

     The challenge with wanting something is that you have to be willing to pay the cost. You could want a new home, a new car or a new outfit but you have to be willing to spend the capital to obtain it. Godliness cannot be obtained with any currency. It requires the hard work of learning God’s Word and then putting these truths into practice in our day-to-day choices and relationships. So, “Do You Really Want it?”  -Pastor Joe Parkinson

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