Rearview Mirror 4-13-2017

  • The Men’s Retreat at Camp Gilead was incredible. Pastor Mike did a wonderful job in a series, “Three Conversations Every Guy Wishes He had with His Father.” I know that I was blessed by Pastor Mike’s and the Camp’s ministry this past weekend.
  • It is Easter week. I know that it is easy to lose the real meaning of this weekend with all the extra stuff. This week, just like every Sunday, we celebrate a risen Savior! There is probably a person that you are thinking about asking to come. Go ahead and ask them to join you for this weekend’s actives.
  • Thinking of Easter let me encourage you to continue to pray for the service this weekend. We will kick off the day with a 9:15AM Easter Brunch. Those helping setup will be starting at 7:45AM. After the Easter service there will be an Egg Hunt for the Kids. Also don’t forget to bring your Easter lilies to be used in the service. I do want to say Thanks to those that provided candy for the eggs, lilies and have been involved in all aspects of this weekend. Thank You.
  • Gals, the Ladies Bible study is meeting on Wednesday evenings. There is still time for you to get in on the study of Philippians that meets Wednesday nights 6:45pm at the Ministry Center. Please talk to Joelle is you are interested.
  • Our new verse for April is Hebrews 6:10. Let me strongly encourage you to join this challenge. It is not too late to join in, even if you have not started yet. Memorizing the Word is one way to release God’s power into your life. Also, if you are looking for a good phone app, I recommend the Scripture Typer App. (IOS and Android)
  • I know August seems a long way off, but Family Camp is just around the corner. Let me encourage you to plan now to join us we head back to Lake Cushman over the weekend of August 25-27. If you are interested please let us know so we can reserve a site for you. It is also a great event to bring a friend.
  • Thanks to those that have submitted memory verses. The pastors will be reviewing the submissions for the May verse. Please text, email your favorite verse and the reason why.
  • Easter Sunday we will be looking at account from Jesus’ life that focuses on the gospel. The message is titled “Live by the Gospel.” Pray for me as I will be sharing the message of Jesus as part of our study from the account of Jesus’ life.

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