Rearview Mirror 12-21-2017

  • Thanks for the opportunity to get away with Caryl to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. It is hard to find the words to express my appreciation for her as God’s blessing in my life. We have found it necessary to get away as a couple to celebrate these life events. I hope that you are able to do the same.
  • It was a busy weekend at Living Hope. Firday we held a celebration service for Joyce Pavadakes. It turned out to be a very special service. I want to say thank you to everyone that provided meals and helped with the event. I also want to thank the Women’s Ministry Team and specifically Brenda B. for their hard work on making this happen.
  • We also did our Annual Christmas Caroling Sunday afternoon. Things got changed up this year. It turned out to be a wonderful time as we caroled at St Anthony’s Hospital and then were able to hit the homes of those with some connection to families at Living Hope. I want to say Thanks to Zac and Carol for their work on providing an awesome meal for the event.
  • I know that everyone is very busy getting ready for Christmas, but let me encourage you to attempt to reach out to your friends and family. We will be holding two services this Sunday.
    • The morning service will be our Christmas Service as we finish our “What Child is This?” series looking at Joseph.
    • Our second service will be our traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 6PM on Sunday at Marcus Whitman. The 1 hour Advent service is a time to sing Christmas Carols and listen to the reading of the Christmas story as well as a special story time with the kids. The Candlelight service is a great way to make Celebrating Jesus’ Birth a part of your Christmas Celebrations.
  • We are planning an After Christmas Party this year. It will be a New Year’s Eve Potluck and Game Night at the Ministry Center. This is your opportunity to hangout and connect with others while having a great time!
  • Pray for our students and leaders (Pastor Zac and Carol and Pastor Berney) as they take our youth to the Teen Leadership Conference.  The Youth will be departing from the Ministry Center December 27 @ 6 AM and returning December 29th @ 8pm. Please remember to pray as they travel there and pack and that lives would be touched while there.
  • Our December MMV (Monthly Memory Verse) is Bring You Own Verse. I am encouraging each person to pick a verse from their Bible reading to commit to memory. I hope that you will share your verse with me. Let me encourage those of you with smart phones or tablets to check out the ScriptureTyper App. (IOS and Android)
  • This week we will wrap up our “What Child is This?” series with a look at “So Why Joseph?”  I hope that you will join us as we explore the significance of Joseph as Jesus’ Step-father and lessons that we can learn from him. Thanks again for prayer that the Lord would be working in our special Christmas service.


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