JULY 17-21, 2017

It is time for the Annual CLEAT Soccer Camp. This week long camp is really two camps in one. The morning camp for players entering Kindergarten this fall through the 6th grade are for the developing soccer players. The new College Prep camp in the afternoon if for advanced players with previous soccer experience and ability in the 7th-12th grade.  The instruction for the camp is overseen by Coach Josh Murton, the Men’s Coach from Ohio Christian University. He is assisted by select players from the Ohio Christian University men’s and women’s soccer team along with other local coaches/college players. It is our desire to help developing soccer players at all levels to learn new techniques, refine ball skills, step up their game, build character and of course, have fun.

The camp is held on the sports fields directly in front of Marcus Whitman Jr. High School. Each player will receive a shirt and ball. The College Prep camp will also include individual player assessments, for those interested. Coach Murton will also be offering a College Prep training session for interested parents on the ins and outs from a recruiters perspective. Please see the list below for additional required and optional items. We are looking forward to seeing your soccer player at CLEAT camp this summer.

College Prep Advanced Camp

A couple years ago we began to explore taking advantage of the OCU team and Coach Josh’s expertise by offering an advanced camp. The core focus of the afternoon program is built around a college level practice, drills, instruction and scrimmages. Coach Murton interactive works with the players to “coach them up” on specific techniques, positions and skills. This outstanding opportunity will challenge those advanced players that are desiring to play at a higher level. This year we will be adding the component of a personal player evaluation by Coach Murton for those players and parents interested. Josh’s positive approach will identify the players strengths and offer suggestions on areas that they can improve. He is also planning a parent meeting with interested parents to go over the “in’s and out’s” of college recruiting and to answer any questions. This is a very unique opportunity for those players to develop a mindset of playing at a higher level and also providing resources for those players entertaining playing soccer beyond  their current select and high school programs. There is also an opportunity for those involved in the afternoon program to give back by participating in the AM program as assistant coaches.

How To Register for Cleat Camp

Mail-In Registration: Ends July 10th $60 per player

Yes, there is room for your player in this year’s camp. You will want to complete the Soccer Camp mailer (received in the mail around June 1st) and return with your check for $60 for this years camp before the deadline (postmarked no later than July 10th). Or second, you can download the Registration Package and returned the completed forms with your check before the mail-in registration deadline (postmarked no later than July 10th).

If you are registering more than one player, please included completed registration mailer or forms for each player. Registration confirmation will be processed by camp volunteers each week and notification will be sent to the email address provided. If you have not received confirmation for your player after 1 week, please contact the church office at (360) 876-2333. Please leave a message.

Walk On Registration: $65 per player

If you missed the Mail-In Registration deadline, you can still register your player for this year’s soccer camp. We would encourage you to download the Registration Package and Camp Confirmation Package and bring the completed forms along with payment of $65 per player to the first day of camp (we will also have blank forms available at registration). You will want to insure that your player is prepared for the first day of camp with a water bottle, shin guards and sun screen. Please note that while we do not guarantee a camp shirt and camp ball for late registrations we have always been able to obtain these for late registration players  in previous years.

If you are registering more than one player, please bring the completed registration forms for each player.

Registration Documentation

 All the forms needed to register for camp – 2017 CLEAT Soccer Camp Registration Packet
All the information on camp.- 
2017 Cleat Camp Confirmation Packet