Rearview Mirror 9-28-2017

  • Continue to pray for our Conditional Use Permit that is currently in a period of continuance. It will be a huge blessing to be able to complete this milestone and move forward. Pray that our request is approved.
  • I am not a big fan of encouraging general prayers, but our world sure needs it. My heart is burdened by all the conflict. It seems like everywhere we look there is conflict. I am reminded that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is the real answer. It is also heart breaking to see the struggles of those areas ravished by the recent storms, especially the deteriorating situation in Puerto Rico (and I am sure other places).
  • The Hansen family will be holding a Memorial Service to honor George’s father, Steve. You are invited to Steve’s Memorial service on Saturday September 30th 2pm at the Living Hope Ministry Center.
  • I hear the ladies had a great time at the Women’s Fall Ministry Kickoff this past Saturday. I just wanted to give a shout out to the Women’s Ministry team and all those involved that made this event happen.
  • There will be several opportunities to get plugged into new small groups that are launching this month. There will be men’s and women’s groups as well as a Parenting Class. Keep your eyes on the bulletin for more information on each of these events.
  • Please pray about the need we have for Sunday School teachers and AWANA helpers. If you are interested in either of these talk to Kendra (KidsZone/Sunday School) or Pastor Berney (AWANA).
  • Please keep praying for someone that can “Sign” in the service. We would like to offer this. We have been unable to locate someone that could help. Please let Pastor Joe know if you have any ideas.
  • This Sunday we will be launching our October MMV (Monthly Memory Verse). Let me encourage those of you with smart phones or tablets to check out the ScriptureTyper App. (IOS and Android)
  • This week we will launch our new series “No Excuses.” The emphasis will be on “Living with no excuses and loving with no regrets!” Our study will take us to a number of Biblical examples that challenge us to make the most of the time the Lord has given us. I do covet your prayers each week. The Lord is working in me and in hearts and lives. I know that your prayers are making a difference.  Thanks for praying.

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