Rearview Mirror 8-18-2016

  • I have really been enjoying the dramatic monologues as we have moved through 1 Samuel. I have appreciated the chance to absorb the Biblical narrative and bring it to life. I am impacted with each one that I do. It was also a blessing this past week to sit under Pastor Berney’s dramatic monologue. I was challenged and reminded how these Biblical accounts that are over 2000 years old still speak to our lives today.
  • Anna was so thankful for everyone’s encouragement and support for her trip to Bolivia. We were able to show a video recap of her trip, since she had to be back at school this past Saturday.  If you would like to watch it again, you can check it out here. (2016 Cedarville Engineering Bolivia Mission Trip Report
  • This Sunday we will be holding a Baptismal Service. This is a must attend service. If you are interested there is still time, please contact Pastor Joe.
  • This week we will take a break from our dramatic monologues for our Baptismal service. The baptisms and testimonies will be from people among us that are “Realizing Greatness” through their relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope to see you there.

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