Rearview Mirror 4-23-2020

  •      I am thankful for the security of my relationship with God through the completed work of Jesus and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. It is a great place to be with everything so out of  whack. I hope that you are able to live in God’s presence during these uncertain times.
  •  One last reminder for you Gals. The Online Ladies Retreat is this Saturday at 10 AM. The Women’s’ Ministry team has put together a beautiful journal for the event. (Gals, contact Caryl for information on how to get your copy.) This year’s retreat is probably more vital to you than previous years because of the “Stay In” orders and the challenges it presents. Let me encourage you to carve out some time and make this happen. The Livestream event will be hosted using Zoom Saturday April 25, 10AM. The details are being worked out. Please respond to or contact Caryl Parkinson. Use this link to attend (ZOOM Link).
  • I have really enjoyed our Wednesday Evening Bible Study. Here are a couple blessings you are missing out on. First, it is a great time to connect with other like minded believers. There is something about seeing those familiar faces and hearing the familiar voices. Second, the insights shared are so powerful. We are learning and challenging each other. If you are interested in connecting with others and digging deeper into God’s Word then plan to join us for the Online Bible Study on Zoom Wednesday evenings at 7PM. (Zoom Link) Please contact Pastor Joe for more information or for help getting online. If you are interested in another night, please let me know.
  • We continue to refine our Sunday Livestream on Facebook Live and Youtube. We will be Streaming again this  Sunday at 10 AM  to both Facebook and YouTube. (Clink Links). We will be continuing to work through our passage in Galatians. I would encourage you to invite others.
  • I have rented a Bobcat to install the parking blocks this Tuesday starting at 10AM. We would welcome any strong backs. We do need help with some caulking and painting on the Office. We could also use some help with trimming the lawn using a weed wacker. We are also looking for a couple guys to finish the siding on the building. If you are available to help, please let me know. It is a good time to get these things done while everything else is on hold.  Your prayers for the permits, electric and new building are appreciated.
  • Just a reminder for those with Kids at home that Kendra has “Sunday School” curriculum for those parents interested. It can also be a wonderful resource for a family devotion time (maybe after dinner around the table). Please contact her.
  • Let me remind you to join OnRealm our private online church communication platform. Invitation is by request by sending an email and phone number to or contact Pastor Joe.
  • I want to thank those that have sent donations via mail, bill pay or Living Hope Online Giving(Clink Link). The church address for mail options is: Living Hope Church, P.O. Box 908, Port Orchard, WA 98366. Please contact Nathan F or Pastor Joe with any questions.
  • For April I am encouraging everyone to work on, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22–23 ESV  If you struggle with memorizing or even consistency, let me encourage you to check out the Bible Memory App. (IOS and Android)
  • This week we will be moving into a new passage of Galatians, chapter 6. It is a passage that calls us to look out for each other.  I do appreciate your prayers for me as I put together the structure of the message and for Pastor Berney and myself as we pull it together on Sunday morning.

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