Am I Grateful?

I have realized in my life how easy it is to become spoiled with the creature comforts of life. Take a minute to stop and think about how spoiled we have become in life. We often fail to see that we redefine our needs as wants. One of the characteristics I have noticed in Godly people is that they are grateful!


I was reminded of the need for the follower of Jesus to be grateful. I observed in in King David’s life from the first accounts we have of him as a young teen through his life of being a wanted man to even being the king of Israel. This past Sunday the sermon covered the account of David’s desire to build a house for God in 2 Samuel 7. I encourage you to take a moment and click on the link to read the whole chapter. It is even in the context of God telling David that he would build His house that we observe David’s gratitude.


What stood out to me as I studied this passage is what David thought of when things were going very well in his life. It is not easy to trust the Lord during those challenging seasons of life and David trusted the Lord as a wanted man on the run from the king for 10 years. But as we come to 2 Samuel 7 we find that things are going very, very, well for the king. God had blessed him. We read, “Now when the king lived in his house and the Lord had given him rest from all his surrounding enemies,” (2 Samuel 7:1)  I want to asks you a simple question, “Are you more or less prone to think about God when things are going well?” I would suggest that our tendency is to think of God less. Yet, as we see in the next verse, David, “the king said to Nathan the prophet, “See now, I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells in a tent.” 2 Samuel 7:2. While other Kings would be focusing on themselves or something else, King David was thinking about what he could do for God. He was burdened that the God of Israel was dwelling in a tent while he lived in a palace. Of course God makes it clear to David through the Prophet Nathan that he does not need a physical structure. In fact, God reveals to David that He is going to build him a house. But it would not be a physical home but a spiritual dynasty. The section contains God’s promise to David is known as the Davidic Covenant and it had significance to the people of Israel as God promised the Messiah would be a descendant from David and He would establish David’s throne forever. We are also recipients through Jesus of the house (spiritual dynasty) that God built for David!


Many years ago now I traveled for my job. I really enjoyed that season of life. I got to drive brand new rental cars (it just so happened that we “had” to rent Lincoln Town Cars), stayed in the best hotels (like 5 star) and was treated to fancy restaurants by my hosts. I do confess that these blessings spoiled me. When I got into my older car I coveted something better. The service at the local restaurant was just not good enough. I found that I had become very critical. It is during that time that I lost my gratefulness for God’s blessing in my life. Need I point out that God had a hard time using me.


I’m afraid that one of the blessings of living in our great country is that we are easily spoiled and stop thinking of service to our Creator and Savior. We become focused on ourselves rather than what we can do for God!


-Pastor Joe Parkinson

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